Posted on Jul 14, 2020

Damien's Phone Repair

😉Damien's Phone Repair Offers How to Keep Your iPhone Safe from Damage in Kennesaw, Georgia!

Stay Dry

Your phone can get damaged in many ways, but one is by far the most dangerous for your phone. We are referring to water contact. The most common issue among all iPhone users is water damage. Water is not bad only for iPhones, but for all electronic or electric devices. If you want your device to stay with you as long as possible, keep it far from any water drop. As a secret revealed, iPhone sets are more prone to water damage than other models. For example, during summer, it’s common to forget the phone in your pocket and then go to the beach or pool. Most of the users forget to take out their phones from their pockets before heading in the water. Rain is also a dangerous situation for your iPhone, so make sure it’s not raining before making a call.

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